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Summer of 2001

Richard and I had a wonderful summer vacation we would like to share with you. Mid-July we flew to Boston for a reunion with my family. After a week in the Boston, Massachusetts area we flew to Halifax, Nova Scotia in the Maritime Provinces of Canada. We traveled the southern coast to Cole Harbor for our first night. All along the rocky coast there are tiny little fishing villages and coves. The second day we traveled to the old town and renovated Fort of Louisburg on Cape Breton. We drove from destination to destination then hiked and biked during the day. We stopped at Dingwall, Meat Cove, Margaree Harbor and Mabou on Cape Breton. Cape Breton is famous for it's rugged coast, cliffs, whales, Scottish, Irish and Gaelic music and dancing. Community members of all ages participate in the music and dance of their culture. We were able to bike and hike on many of the old mining and logging roads, which crossed the island. Driving back across to Mainland Nova Scotia we visited the warm sandy beaches along the northern edge of the island. Visits to Caribou State Park, Lunenburg and Halifax were our last few places we had time to visit. We could have easily spent another month seeing all we would have liked to explore. Nova Scotia and Cape Breton had such varied culture and terrain, each day brought totally different adventures to enjoy. We'll just have to go back another time!

Nina Tartakoff and Richard Kemnitz