Here are some photos of the Brisas Del Mar condo. Playa La Barqueta. Brisas Del Mar are the condos that are next to the “sister hotel” of Las Olas Resort. The three bedroom, two bath condo is fully outfitted for your comfort and includes towels and beach towels, bedding, dishes, pots & pans, air conditioning and a de-humidifier. The condos have a wonderful, large, multi level –pool along the path to your short walk to the beach.

Las Olas Hotel also has a pool, weight room, massage room, and very good and reasonably priced restaurant and bar. There are two other small locally owned restaurants, open during daylight hours, that are on the other side of the condos.
Tennis courts are rumored to be built this winter and the golf course is scheduled to be built within three years. Home lots, for about a mile, in each direction have been sold and are almost completely built on.

There is beach for 8 miles in either direction and about 6 of the miles in one direction is a national turtle reserve. Olive Ridley turtles regularly lay eggs in the area and some right in front of the condo! A beach walkers paradise.
At the end of the beach is a river that feeds into a large lagoon system, which is wonderful for kayaking and birding. We may have 2 kayaks available during your rental time and Las Olas also rents kayaks. The whole Playa La Barqueta area is incredible birding. We have a friend, Elaine Mayer in condo #101, who lives there full time and loves to bird and kayak. She may be available to take you out kayaking, with our kayaks. She is a great source of information for the Playa La Barqueta and Boquete area.

The hotel also rents beach bikes, which are great at lower tides on the beach or to explore the roads in the area. For those that like boogey boarding, surfing or kiteboarding, you can enjoy lots of time in the surf. At some tides be careful for rip-tides. The water is warm and wonderful, just be cautious.

We love that the condo is in an area that is beautiful and still remote and unspoiled. All the locals bike by and say Hola as you drive slowly by. This is not a hot night spot or buzzing during the day with jet skis and para-sailers. The locals and visitors are friendly and helpful and you get a feeling of community. Don’t be afraid to practice a bit of Spanish. It is much appreciated and they will practice their English, if they know any.

David is the closest town, for all your shopping needs and has a salsa bar we love to go dancing at. It is about 30 minutes down a narrow two lane road with many bicyclists headed to work, visiting friends or out doing their daily tasks. We have a favorite vegetarian restaurant in David where you can get a great meal at lunchtime for a couple of dollars. Yum! There are a few local restaurants and “mom & pop” stores along the way to David and plenty of restaurants ,bars, banks, ATM’s and grocery stores in David.

About 1.5 hours up in to the mountains and rain forest is Boquete and Volcan, where many ex-pats live. The area is gorgeous, lush, cooler and much rainier. Hiking and whitewater boating opportunities are available. A limited group of restaurants and small shops are available and tend to be more expensive than the David, Playa La Barqueta area.

More information on the Playa La Barqueta area is here
We hope this gives you a few ideas and useful information. We sure love it!!