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This is your chance to share some of the great trips Nina and Richard have been taking.

* July 2000, kayaking in Glacier Bay, Alaska.
* March 2001, hiking Copper Canyon, Mexico.
* July 2001 biking and hiking in Nova Scotia, Canada.
* March 2002 biking the East Cape Road, Baja, Mexico
* July 2002 kayaking and hiking at Atlin Lake, Canada
* December 2002/January 2003, hiking in Costa Rica
* December 2003/January 2004 Zihuatenejo, Mexico
* Summer 2004- Kayak in Prince William Sound, Alaska
* December 2004/January 2005- Kayaking and biking- Manzanillo/La Manzanilla, Mexico
* May 2005- biking in Denali National Park, Alaska
* October/November 2006- Thailand
* Biking and long beaches in Troncones, Mexico
* June 2007- kayaking Colombia Glacier, Alaska
* November 2007- hiking & biking New Mexico/Arizona

* November 2008- Panama
* Playa La Barqueta info.
February/March 2009-Tasmania, Australia/New Zealand

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Photos from dad's 80th!